resolving disputes through mediation

In this podcast, South Geldard Lawyers, Director, Vicki Jackson explains what family law mediation is and how the mediation process takes place.


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We understand for most people, the mere thought of becoming involved in any sort of legal dispute is unpleasant, if not intimidating. In addition to the potential expense involved, we have a solicitor who can help.

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Vicki Jackson Principal At South Geldard Lawyes

Resolving Disputes Through Mediation

There’s some good news, in Australia divorce rates have dropped. In fact, since 2000 there has been a steady decline in the numbers of people who have called it quits. Conversely though, de facto relationships aren’t going as well with 57% couples not lasting 11 years. Now, for those relationships that don’t work the usual default position is to have lawyers involved and potentially the Court to resolve the issues within the dispute, but is there another way?

Acredited Family Law Specialist and Nationally Accredited Mediator Vicki Jackson explains what mediation is and how the mediation process takes place.